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  1. "Kasteel d'Aertrycke" offers splendid natural surroundings: a 104 acre extensive domain with woods and lakes, walking-tours and cycling-tours.
    The castle was constructed in 1871 on a piece of wasteland, that was previously owned by the domain of Wijnendale castle which is not far from this place. It is what is called a "maison de plaisance", so not a real castle but a castle-like mansion hosting an hotel. The building is in neo-gothic style which was very common in that period.

  2. Le domaine du château d'Aertrycke offre un environnement naturel remarquable, fait de bois et d'un grand lac. Construit en 1871 sur un terrain appartenant auparavant au domaine de Wijnendale, cet édifice néo-gothique accueille désormais un hôtel.